Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rhubarb coffee cake

I love the Smitten Kitchen.  A girlfriend turned me onto the blog right before I got married when she offered to bring a Blueberry Boy Bait to our wedding.

It was such a hit that I never got to try it.  I've since made - and enjoyed - it.

Ever since I've been a devoted SK follower.  Her recipes are seasonal and flavorful.  Her posts are not as frequent as they used to be because a) she has a toddler and b) she's writing a cookbook.  I'm not sure which takes up more time and energy.

About a week ago I found a baggie of chopped rhubarb in my freezer.  Since my recently transplanted rhubarb isn't mature enough to harvest yet, it was a little godsend to discover.  As I drifted off to sleep last Saturday night, I had visions of coffee cake fairies dancing in my head.

Since I now get up at the buttcrack of down, easily an hour or two before Gene, I was raring to go and dying to make the Smitten Kitchen crumbcake I'd dreamed about the night before.  I had made it once before and undercooked it.  It turned out as a disappointingly gooey mess of unmet promises.

This time, it would be different.  And different it was.

If you have the patience, this cake gets better with age.  Let it sit overnight, if you can, and the next morning you'll have a moist and crumbly cake that's the perfect accompaniment to your caffeinated morning beverage of choice.

Check out Smitten Kitchen's website for the Rhubarb Coffee Cake recipe (which she calls the "Big Crumb Coffee Cake").

Be the way, this is a great recipe to make when you feel like dirtying every dish or bowl in your kitchen.  It's a messy thing to make.  And don't undercook it!

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  1. Wait -- _I_ am the one who turned you on to SK?! That might be the biggest compliment you've ever given me. ;-) Now I'll just wait (im)patiently until that rhubarb plant of yours is big enough to give me a bit of it! Mmmmm! (Heeeeehehehe)