PhotobucketWith the exception of Tribble, we've raised each of our girls from day-old hatchlings. Groups 1 and 2 came from Del's, and group 3 arrived via USPS from

Ours is an elderly flock, with birds ranging from 4-5 years old.  Over the summer of 2013 we got 1-3 eggs/day from these old ladies.

Nugget is a Rhode Island Red. She's a beautiful, but aloof, bird who can't stand to be handled. Nugget sometimes thinks she's a he, and, well, let's leave her preferences at that.  As for personality, there are no lights on and nobody is home with this dumb bird.  At 5 years of age, she's an old bird but still lays a couple of times a week.

Curry is a buff orpington. Besides being our biggest hen, she's inquisitive and friendly. Sit down and Curry will hop into your lap. Leave the kitchen door open and she's in the house for a visit. 

Croquette video
Croquette, an Australorp, has incredibly soft feathers and matching disposition. In the light her feathers are emerald green.  She talks nonstop and is very friendly.

Dozer is a Barred Plymouth Rock purchased to replace Dumpling, our first barred rock.  If you bend over near Dozer she will fly up to your shoulder to say hello. She's pretty quiet but tends to dominate the more docile breeds, like the australorps, polish, and cochin.

Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy is the second australorp in our flock.  She's a reliable layer like Croquette.

Scooter is a polish crested, which is a bantam breed. She was supposed to be blue-grey but because of how the genes work, we wound up with a black one (25% chance).  As a younger bird, she was strong layer, which is unusual for ornamental breeds.  Her eggs are white and are huge relative to her slim body. Polish tend to be kind of neurotic due to their limited fields of vision.