Monday, July 4, 2011

New England pics - lots of them

Since I was too lazy to track down the camera cord for the post about our trip, and only later discovered that there was already one hooked up to the computer, here are some belated photos from our vacation.  Enjoy!

One of the few kitchen gardens we saw anywhere in New England.  This one was right in the heart of historic Salem, MA.  In the background you can see the mast of the ship in this next pic.

The Friendship.  Salem, MA

This made me giggle.  Because I'm 12.  (I think it was a liquor store.)  Salem, MA

On our way to Vermont I saw these 2 banty hens with 5 chicks.  They were so cute that I woke Gene up (he was so sick from a cold & hadn't been sleeping well), who made me turn the car around so he could take pics.  What a softie my guy is for chickens.

One of 4 covered bridges we saw in Vermont.  This one still allows traffic over it.

Inside of a different covered bridge; the Scott Bridge is foot-traffic only.  It was so serene and peaceful.

Weathervane in Providence, RI.  We had gorgeous weather that day!  But Providence...?  Meh, skip it.

The Mayflower II.  Plymouth, MA

Tail end of the Bruins Stanley Cup parade in Boston.  This is near the Boston Gardens.  In all the times I've been to Boston, I've never seen so many people and so few cars.  It was a terrific day to go into the city.  Right after I took this picture, the team captain for the Bruins rode past us on his bicycle.  He's 6'9" - anyone that tall looks funny on a bike!

Interior of Old North Church.  You know, where historical stuff happened.  (If only she'd read the giant plaque on the exterior of the building, which can be seen from quite a distance... sigh.)

Courtyard outside of the restaurant in Little Italy (North Boston) where we had lunch.  Note the puddles - this was in the middle of a torrential downpour that only hit Boston.  It was so muggy afterwards!

Faneuil Hall, Boston (what a tourist trap - skip it).
This was overlooking Boston Common, along the Stanley Cup parade route.  Note the TP hanging off the window ledges.
Candidate for ugliest building ever (though this one from my undergrad alma mater is also a contender).

My cousin is a pastry chef for a restaurant called Oleana.  She brought a whole bunch of delicacies from the bakery owned by the same people.  To. Die. For.  Above are the chocolate-hazelnut baklava and almond cakes with rose petal jam.

What vacation in New England would be complete without Maine lobster lobstah?

Saw this in an old-fashioned farm store somewhere in New Hampshire.  This store was known for its cider donuts, a New England food we don't have in the Pacific Northwest.

Nice milk jugs!  Me in Newburyport, MA

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  1. I walked down the center of the covered bridge, forgetting that traffic was allowed on it. Thank goodness for drivers that are used to clueless tourists!