Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slow food fast

On Monday night I was tired from a long day at work. I hadn't taken a break all day long. After my hour-long bus commute, I just wanted to get home, grab something easy to eat for dinner, and veg out.

But what?

Hitting the drive-through is tempting on nights like this. But who the heck knows what's actually in that white bag? Bleck. I'll pass.

It was cold out, I was cranky, and I didn't want to deal with the world any more than necessary.

Maybe I could hit the supermarket deli.

But then I'd have to park, stand in line at the counter, order up something fried that's been sitting under a heat lamp forever, get in line again, and dig through my wallet for money. By the time I got home, the fried dinner would be soggy and lukewarm.

Not yummy.

Not healthy.

Not local.

Maybe there's something salvageable in the pantry at home.

Maybe we'll have eggs for dinner.

And then again, maybe not.


  • Beef in red wine sauce, canned 2008. Guess it was time to eat that, eh?

  • Organic whole wheat penne pasta from Trader Joe's

  • Romano cheese

  • Homemade bread, made & frozen 2 weeks ago

  • Wine. Because it's Monday night. So what.

LOCAL: vegetable contents of the home-canned jar

NOT LOCAL: beef, wine, pasta, cheese, bread ingredients

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