Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ah, nuts!

Last weekend 3 friends, Rosemary, and I braved a Pineapple Express on Saturday morning to meet for a farmers market run followed by coffee.

I saw my farmer friend, Jonathan, there.  Jonathan and his wife run Filbert Acres, a hazelnut grove and organic farm in the Puyallup Valley.  Last summer I was driving along, saw a sign on the side of the road, and decided to explore.  Jonathan welcomed me warmly and gave me a personal tour while his little rat terrier, Bisous, gave Rosemary the doggy version.  We didn't see the 2 dogs for something like 10 minutes.  Thank goodness Rosemary is used to chickens, as there are quite a few on the Filbert Acres property.

I digress.

At the market I veered over to say hello to Jonathan and to chat for a while.  He asked how my hazelnut supply was and I waffled guiltily... I didn't have the nerve to tell him I hadn't used any yet.  I've since remedied that.

I noticed that he had a basket of black walnuts for $8.99/lb.  I've never had them before and so he told me to take a few to see if I liked them.  He said that they're a pain to crack and even harder to get the meat out of.  "They're more than $8.99 per pound worth of work," he informed me.

He wasn't kidding.

(Happy birthday, Mom.)


  1. Hello! I'm blog surfing and came upon yours (lovely btw) but I was a bit confused when I started reading this post!! Have you seen the movie, Pineapple Express? Haha! I was a bit confused but after following your link I'm glad you were braving a storm and not something else!

  2. Miri, thanks for your comment and welcome. "Pineapple Express" is one of those terms that the local weather people throw around often. Paciifc Northwest locals know that it means "lots of rain" instead of "lots of Twinkies". hehe I'm glad you didn't think that I was smoking a lot of pot at the farmers market.

    Strangely, there was a pot farmers market in Tacoma abour 3 months ago. It hit national news. It's one of the few farmers "markets" I didn't attend.