Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dark Days Frittata

As you may know, hubbie and I keep 9 hens on our wee urban lot in our city of 200,00 inhabitants.  These girls provide us with an abundance of eggs... unless they're molting.  Then they don't lay at all.

Of our nine hens, six are "production" birds, which typically lay 4-6 eggs/week all year-round.  The other three are ornamentals and lay from 2-4/week starting in about April or May and going until October or so.  Lately only Gwen and Nugget have been laying - all the girls had really hard molts this fall - but it's still enough to provide our household of two with enough eggs for eating and baking. 

And these eggs are the perfect Dark Days Challenge food.

Here's a frittata that I made.  I guess it's technically a frittata because there is no bread in it, which would make it a strata, nor does it have a crust, which would make it a quiche.

Dark Days Frittata

I started by dicing and cooking some red potatoes from our garden.

I cooked them up in my favorite skillet.

Then I added some chopped kale and garlic.

I decided that I was going for kind of a southwest-y flavor, so grabbed one of my roasted red pepper ice cubes from the freezer.

... popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds...

... then beat it with about six eggs, some salt, and pepper.  Next time I'll use 2-3 of the cubes because the flavor got lost amongst the other things.

I poured the eggs over the potato mixture, then topped with some cheese.  I think this is more of the queso fresco I've had for a while.

Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes and voila!  I topped it with some cilantro that had been languishing in my fridge.  The cilantro and cheese were the only non-local ingredients. 

Ingredient break-down:

Local: eggs, potato, red peppers, garlic

Not local: salt, pepper, cilantro, cheese

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  1. Yay for frittatas! I made one for my Dark Days week 4 post, as well. This looks delicious.

    How many eggs do you get from your chickens per week when they are in full production?