Monday, December 20, 2010

Knitted wine charms

Last week I was looking at some "Top Ten Not-a-Mug Gift List" and found these scarf wine charms

Being a knitter, I scoffed at buying such a silly thing... then set out to make my own.

Oh, holy crap is this a cute, fun, and instantly gratifying project.  I whipped them out in just 2 nights, not including the fringes.  It took me longer to pick the yarn and stitches than it did to make the teensy scarves.  They are adorable, don't you think?

(I think this grey one is my favorite.)

This one is sooo soft because it's merino wool.  Heck, most of them are wool... good wool.

These were delivered to my friend, Margaret, on Sunday afternoon.  She said they'd be perfect for camping.  And that's why she's my friend: she drinks wine when she camps.  I love her!  Margaret is such an amazingly talented knitter than I think many of us knitting underlings are afraid to knit things for her.  Knot me!

If you knit and still need a fast, unusual project for Christmas, make some of these.


  1. I love them. And I do love the grey one -- especially that you remembered the crazy insane 450+-stitch scarf-in-a-slip-stitch-pattern-because-I'm-insane scarf that I made J ... and thought the grey wine-glass-scarf looked like that one. It does. They grey wine-glass-scarf will therefore be his. =) I'm sorry I didn't think of this idea first -- but I will totally steal it at some point in the near future. Thanks!

    (Also: underlings?! bah. I'm glad you're not afraid to knit for me.) =)

  2. These are great! They will go perfect with our Ugly Sweater Christmas this year, thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Damn! I thought this was such a fun new idea that I JUST came up with! Very nice!

  4. Good Morning!!

    Just wondering if you have a pattern for these gifts? What type yarn, needles and stitches did you use? Would RED HEART YARN WORK?
    Thank you very much. Hope I hear from you.

  5. Hello, and thanks for your question!

    I used very small yarn - sock and DK weight - for my charms. Try a few swatches. After all, they don't take up much time to whip up. The biggest problem I has was that they tended to twist.

    As for patterns, I just made them up as I went along. If you have a favorite stitch, try that to see how they turn out. Be sure to let me know!

    BTW, I'm "FrenchieJenn" on Ravelry. :)

    Thanks for reading, jenn.