Sunday, January 2, 2011

Look what Santa brought me

Every time Hubbie and I walk through Home Depot or Lowe's I stop and paw through the clearance plumbing.  I found the faucet for our bathroom remodel at Lowe's a few years ago for something like $5.

The previous owner of my house had very fussy, but cheap, taste.  She tried to turn this house, a Craftsman, into a Victorian.  She remodeled the kitchen and installed white cabinets (well, most of them... 1 set is cream and it drives me nuts), white countertops with painted tiles and white grout, white flooring, white appliances, and a white faucet.  The cheap wood grain fluorescent lighting was totally unforgiveable.  Blech!  None of the products she used are of exceptional quality and every speck of dirt or grime shows instantly on the vast expanse of white.

You should have seen the awful wallpaper that was in here.

I search and search through plumbing clearance because I hate my kitchen faucet.  I happened to take a picture of it the other day.  It's cheap, it's - SURPRISE - white!, and it has a shocking amount of surface area that needs to get cleaned.  Those old + style handles get grody.  I noticed during my pre-Christmas cleaning that the gaskets were starting to fail and that it leaked a green-black-tinged stream water from the base.

See the cream cabinets on the left?  Gah!  Why would she allow that to happen?!?

We've been gradually moving things over to stainless steel appliances.  My dream is to install a cork floor and redo the cabinet faces to something a little less... white.

I awoke Christmas morning to this.

G-man had waited for me to go to bed on Christmas Eve before he started on this project.  Thank goodness I sleep with earplugs!  The faucet features a pull-out nozzle, which I use with surprising frequency.

It's a beautiful faucet and much better than the old one.  There's a 10-year warantee.  My grandma said that the gift sounds like a house repair, not a gift, but I don't care.  It's something I use daily, wanted, makes me more proud of our little home, and practical.  Besides, I don't wear perfume, have plenty of jewelry, and am not on the market for new clothes right now.

My orchid decided to bloom just for the occasion.

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  1. You'll love that faucet. Mine is similar, but not as pretty.