Tuesday, September 10, 2013

$25 for free shipping

Ever wonder if the amazon.com pickers scratch their heads about the weird combinations some orders contain?

A mortar and pestle.
A dog leash.
The new Adele CD.

Can you guess which items took me to amazon.com in the first place, and which two items were the add-ons to hit the $25 free shipping threshold?

The Adele CD was my first item.  Then I figured I'd wanted a mortar & pestle for a long time, so why not get one?  Oh, and then I remember that I'd slammed the dog leash in the car door, breaking the latch that affixes to her collar. 

Of course, had I gone to the music store the CD was about $14.  Sure, it was "cheaper" online... if you ignore the extemporaneous items!  But what fun is that?

1 comment:

  1. I got Amazon prime to avoid the last second "I need to get over $25" purchases. Between the free slipping and the online content, I probably come out at least a little ahead.