Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hen pecked

Nugget, our Rhode Island Red, has developed a new game.  I'm betting she'd call it something like "Gotcha, Dumbass".  The neighbor's dog would probably call it "Chickens Make Owies".

To play this game, you need a dumb dog, a dumb chicken, and a rickety picket fence.

Here is Nugget teaching Beaker and Curry how to play.  "First, you stand here and practice your beady chicken eyes expression."

"You gotta wait for the dog to come to you.  Wait for it... wait... wait....  She always comes.  She's dumb as rocks."
"See, I told you!"

"When Sadie puts her nose through the pickets, which she does every time without fail, ya peck her in the snout as hard as you can.  Before Jenn & G-man put up this stupid deer netting, I used to be able to claw that dumb dog, too."
"Don't worry, she'll be back in a minute after she's done barking.  Hehe!  She can't get us but we can get her."

You'd think Sadie would learn her lesson but nooooOOOoooo.  That dumbass comes back to get pecked over and over and over all day long.  I've been pecked by the chickens and it can hurt when they mean it. 

Nugget always means it.

I'm not sure which player is dumber: the hen for taking on a 50-pound dog or the dog for coming back for more.


  1. This is exactly why porcupines are so dangerous for dogs: "Hey! That thing hurt me! I'm going to teach it a lesson and bite it!" Yeah, they don't learn. Hopefully she won't get a chance to actually exact any revenge on the hens!

  2. Nugget and Sadie have been doing thos for months now. I think it's pretty much a game for the bored dog but that hen would serioulsy go for it if she could!