Saturday, May 29, 2010

My favorite cookbook

This is my favorite cook book.  I use it constantly.  Can't remember the ratios for pesto or macaroni salad?  Need a scone recipe that doesn't start with "chill 2 pounds of butter"?  Want ideas for an interesting glaze on the Thanksgiving turkey?  Going to make a batch of blueberry muffins?  Got promised to bake cupcakes or brownies?  Just searching for something different?

I've battered it, splattered it, crinkled, and relied upon this book so much that it has earned a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.

When in doubt, I whip this book out.  It's well-written and includes nutritional info... diverse and nicely organized...

...and has appropriate pictures but way more recipes than pics.

There's a whole section about 5 pages long on possible substitutions.  I'm all about switching things up, you know.

The incredible index is something like 20-pages long.

Just check out the section on souffles!

If you ever have the chance to pick up this book, do so.  It's a fantastic resource in so many ways.  There have been new editions that have come out since this one was published in 2000 but I haven't strayed from this, my first love.

I didn't get paid, promised life-long house-cleaning, wined, dined, or sexed-up for this post about my favorite cook book.  Absolutely nuttin', honey.  I bought this book myself about 10 years ago.  Cooking Light doesn't even know who I am because I dropped my subscription in a time of economic woe and now regularly steal my mother's.

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