Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review of a garden tool

My mom spends her springs in the mid-west and usually returns with an implement of some kind for my garden.  Last year she brought me a tote similar to this one.

I love the tote and use it all the time for shopping at the farmers market and grocery store (added bonus: no touching icky store baskets!).  People always stop me and ask where I got it.  It even has a pocket inside for car keys and a small wallet, items which would otherwise get buried by the haul.

This year my mom gave me this.  It's sort of a leatherman for a gardener.  I wish I still had the package to tell you the brand.

It has clippers...

... a saw and a knife...
... a "weeder" and a serrated knife/bottle opener:

The bottle opener especially cracks me up because I don't drink beer.  But I could come to the rescue of a neighbor in their yard who finds himself sans opener!  I guess it could be used to open garden chemicals.

Oh look.  You can see my toe in that last pic.  My pedicure was pretty until I got paint stripper on my toe while refurbishing my windows.

I have used this tool several times but wouldn't recommend getting it (sorry, Mom). 

The not-great:
  • The green plastic cover slips off with very little effort.  There are small metal disks that cover the pins on which the blades pivot.  Those covers come out when the green plastic cover slips, getting lost in the grass.
  • The clippers are hard to use because they open too wide to use comfortably in one hand. 
  • I used the saw to hack away at my neighbor's butterfly bush that was encroaching on my tomatoes.  With such a short blade it's hard to get any sort of traction in the branch before you have to change directions.  That said, it did work but took a lot of effort.
  • I'd be afraid to use the weeder tool for 2 reasons: 1) I am not confident that the tool could stand up to the leverage required to get a stubborn weed out of the ground 2) I wouldn't want dirt to get into the tool.
  • I have no idea what the serrated blade on the bottle opener is for that the saw couldn't do.
The good:
  • I've been leaving the tool on my front porch.  When I go to the front veggie gardens to cut a squash off the vine, saw off broccoli head, or snip some herbs, the tool has been very handy.  That's been useful because I keep my garden tools in the backyard.
  • Its small size and fold-ability mean that you can't hurt yourself on it.
In summary, it's a OK tool but not one that you should buy for yourself.  I doubt it will withstand the type of abuse heaped upon normal gardening tools but for harvesting things from my kitchen garden it's been fine.

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