Friday, September 3, 2010

Corgis shed. A lot.

When we got Rosemary her breeder said, "you do know that every corgi's first job is to shed, right?"  I muttered something to indicate that, yeah yeah, I knew, I had cats, and shedding was not unknown in my house.

But I only knew in a strictly academic sense.  Holy moly that dog sheds non-stop!  It's rather impressive.  What's weird, though, is that she only seems to shed white fur.  She's russet, black, and white.  Where is the rest of the fur going? 

Do I want to even know??

We've been grooming Rosemary frequently using a furminator and yet the furballs are everywhere: under the furniture, skittering across the hardwood floors, gathered on the stairs of the back porch, in the car, on the cats.

This is our female cat, Mira.  Even she is subject to Rosemary's shedding.  Last weekend I found Mira with a small hairball on her eyebrow.

She was not amused.

By the way, did I tell you that Rosemary is famous?  She appeared on the local news station for a dog shampoo sponge review back in March.  It's rather strange to watch her, knowing that's the same dog that has worked her way into our hearts but that we weren't even thinking about getting a dog at that time.

Isn't life funny?

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  1. Love your post! I have a dog (shepherd/ husky cross) and 5 cats so I recognize that fur/shedding issue. It's not bad in the summer when the cats spend so much time outdoors (we live in the country), but frequent vaccuuming is a MUST in winter when they are all inside!)
    Have you ever considered collecting the fur and carding it and spinning it into yarn? It might knit up into a great Rosemary sweater with patches of Mira in between! :)