Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun with Fermentation: Sauerkraut, Part II

After blogging for about 6 months now I've learned a lot.  Sometimes I take too many pics and sometimes not enough.  Be glad that there are no pics for this post.

Last night I made salsa verde (recipe & pics in a future post) and wanted to can the sauerkraut I've had on the counter for a while since the canning kettle was going.  The kraut was done about a week ago so I'd left it on the counter with a basket on top, the baggie of brine still floating on the liquid's surface.

Mistake.  Always put a lid back on anything that is fermented. 


I lifted off the backet to discover that the sauerkraut was ruined.  Two things had happened.  First, there was mold.  Most things that ferment will get a small amount of mold on any bits that float.  The submerged bits will be fine.

Second, and most egregious, was that the fruit flies had had a sex orgy.  That baggie of brine had become a waterbed for their fruit fly Boogie Nights!  Be glad I didn't take any pics.  There were pupae husks all over the baggie and on the sides of the pot.  It was disgusting.

At least the fruit flies were happy... until I dumped them into the garbage disposal.  What's weird is that I hadn't noticed many fruit flies in the kitchen, though I did hear the occasional strain of Marvin Gaye emmanating from the counter late at night.

Sigh.  That'll teach me.  I should have put an impermeable lid or cover on it.  I should have canned it 2 weeks ago.  I should have put it into the fridge.

Thank goodness cabbage is cheap.  Had I lost my pickles I would have cried.


  1. Marvin Gaye could have just been a passing car.... but some Barry White would have been a dead give away.

  2. "OOoooohhh... Can't get enough of your love, baby!"