Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet dreams

Way back when, when I was furnishing my first non-college apartment, I bought a mattress set.  In fact, my roommate bought the same mattress set.  I was single at the time and bought a queen size bed because, as I remember thinking, "I might be married someday."  Haha... as if!

-- fast-forward 12 years --

Wow.  Twelve years passed.  Since that fateful day when the mattresses were delivered 12 years ago this month, I have changed jobs 5 times (counting 2 promotions), earned my M.Ed, bought a house, and gotten married.  And the mattresses gave up the ghost.

Hubbie and I threw a garage sale to raise the funds for a new mattress set.  We're a cash-purchase-only household so it was critical that we had the money in hand before shopping.  We're not a debt-free household, by (too) far, but we do what we can to avoid accumulating new debt.

As a Type A Virgo, anal-retentive internet research is both blessing and curse.  Hubbie has sleep challenges and it was also important to find a bed that doesn't shake when a cat is licking its butt at 3:00 a.m.  After a lot of searching we decided on a pocketed-coil mattress.  We tried some by none blew up G-man's skirt.

My mom, after listening to me anguish about the decision, said, "You're always talking about going local.  You need to stay with the local guys."  Oh great, throw my own words and values back in my face, why doesn't she?

I eventually found a small, locally-owned chain that advertised minimally, and mostly on craigslist.  They had a location nearby.  We went.  We laid down.  We liked.  We were unanimous!

But it wasn't a pocketed-coil mattress.  It was an eco-friendly latex mattress with a soy foam base, organic bamboo and cotton cover.  Since G-man builds electric cars, sleeping on a mattress that doesn't contain petroleum-derived products was pretty cool.  Better yet, as much as either of us flopped around the other one couldn't feel much movement.  And we certainly won't awake when a cat grooms itself in the wee hours.

It was a big, stressful purchase.  We're both worried that it won't last or that we won't like it.  I guess everyone goes through that, right?

The new mattress is being delivered on Tuesday evening.  I can't wait.  C'mon Tuesday!!

Neither placed linked from this blog post gives jack diddly about me.  I received nothing from either for this post, except for a sore butt from sitting for too long, nor is company even aware that I've written this.

However, should you decide to get a mattress there and want to count me as a referrer, you'll get 10% off a purchase and I'll get a $100 gift card.  Suhweet!

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