Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of my favorite cities to visit.  The city is clean and easy-to-navigate, and offers a reprieve from the Washington sales tax that's quickly approaching 10%.

Hubbie and I have made multiple forays south over the years for wine-tasting trips, his first marathon, a business trip, and an ancient Egyptian art exhibit.  I'm headed down soon for a conference, after which Hubbie will join me for the weekend.

Here's where we're staying.

Check out this bar, called The Urban Farmer!  My brother laughed at me and said that only I would get excited about a hotel that uses jars of food as decorations.  Somehow I doubt that assertion.

No trip to Portland would be complete without a pilgrimage to Powell's Bookstore.  The place is a giant warehouse that's so huge you can get maps.  Every time I go I hotfoot it to the French section, as theirs is the best foreign language selection I've ever found in the States.  If we have time I'd like to go check out their location that only carries home & garden books.

A couple of visits ago we discovered Mother's Bar & Bistro.  Hubbie asked me yesterday if we could have breakfast there.  Ummm, heck yeah!  Everything we've ever had there has been nothing short of spectacular.  It doesn't hurt that they keep a giant slushie-type machine filled with adult beverages.

We're looking for new ideas for our time in Portland.  Do you have suggestions?  If not Portland, what's your ideal weekend getaway and what would you do with it?


  1. http://www.distilleryrowpdx.com/ - distillery tour that includes organic Chia flavoured vodka
    http://www.creolapdx.com/ - Acadia is one of the best creole restaurants on the west coast.
    http://www.atthemeadow.com/shop/ - the meadow, one of my favourite Portland shopsis specializes in salt, chocolate and flowers.
    Other fun tourist attractions include the rose garden, the japanese garden and the chinese garden.

  2. I'm posting our trip to PDX right now. We stayed at www.pockethousepdx.com, and it was fantastic! The owners are super great. We love PDX so much we're thinking of getting a little studio down there! Have a great trip!

    (You can check my posts but we ate at Tasty & Sons and it was great)

  3. Oh my gosh, how did I not know about this place?! When I'm in Portland in December I MUST go!

    As far as spots to check out while in PDX, it's always fun to wander the PSU Saturday Farmers Market, as well as Saturday Market under the Burnside Bridge.

  4. In the spring or summer you have to visit the Chinese gardens. It's right next to the train station. When Todd and I went there, a musician was playing some Chinese instrument that was very rad.

  5. Hi!
    My mother is originally from Portland so whenever we go back to visit we all like to go and thrift through the Goodwill bins. It's a lot of fun to search through piles of...junk n'treasures! It's all priced by the pound. Powels is fantastic, I always stock up on books in english to bring back to France with me, yes France. So you study french? Congrats! it's a hard language to learn!
    Bon courage!
    Ah oui, le jardin des roses et le jardin japonais sont magnifiques à visiter.