Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cart thief

It started so innocently.
I put 2 pluots into the cart with Kaelen.  At first he paid them no attention.  Then he picked them up and held them for a few minutes.

But then there was a nibble, which led to a gleeful wiggle.

Those nibbles gave way to outright gobbling.  Look at that dribble on his chin.

Note that we're still in line but he's eaten considerably more.

I bought 4 more of them due to his reaction to the sweet fruit.  I have to say that the employees were really nice about the toddler scarfing this juicy pluot.

"You may NOT take my deliciousness away, Mommy!"

I never did find that pit.


  1. Ha! I would have washed it first but that's me. Cute little guy!

  2. I didn't think he would eat them or else I would have. Heh heh!