Thursday, August 22, 2013

Loafing about

Gene's working at an architectural salvage store for the summer.  I love ratting around in places like this.  Last week I went for a visit and spied these in the corner.

They're old EKCO commercial bread pans.  I texted my cousin who is a baker back in Massachusetts, asking if she wanted one.  She was slightly excited.  The thread went like this:

Me: Want long or short pans?
Her: Yes
Me: Pick ONE
Her: I can have all?  Lol
Me: Turd
Her: Love you.
Me: Love you, too.
Her: Long.  No short.
Me: You'll get what I give you!
Her: Lol (My fiance) and Dad keep thinking I'm saying pants and the conversation is getting insane.

Then she sent me a picture of a dessert she's developing.

Yeah, I'm drooling, too.

Gene picked up the long pans for my cousin, and a set of the short ones for me.  He paid just $13 for the two sets!

Now to figure out how to mail the big ones to her.  They're surprisingly heavy.

What should I make first with mine?


  1. They look really big. Will that fit in a regular home oven? I vote for some herbed bread.

  2. They are quite large but will - and I just tried it to be sure - fit!