Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ideas for more theme weeks

We just concluded The Week of the Chicken.  What did you think of a theme week?  Yay?  Nay?  If you liked it, do you have ideas for other themes.  I enjoyed doing these recipes and posts.  Mucking out the chicken coop wasn't amazing but hey, it was time with my girls, right?  OK, maybe not. 

What about honey? I happen to have a just little bit...
I bought it from a guy on craigslist.  We met in a parking lot, he cracked open the trunk of his Mercedes, and I asked, "hey buddy, do yous gots the stuff?  I brought da money."  $25 for 6 lbs of WA State honey.  That's an amazing deal.  I programmed him into my phone, albeit carefully: if I were ever in an accident I'd hate for a good Samaritan to call the Honey Guy instead of Hubbie.

Some theme ideas:
  • Canning primer: sourcing jars & gear, vetting recipes, methods, other blogs, book reviews
  • Honey: sourcing, health benefits, uses, how to cook with, sugar replacement, mead?
  • Greens: there are some funky greens in the markets right now - what do you do with them?  Are there greens in your yard right now that are edible but you don't know it? 
  • Eggs, eggs, and more eggs
  • Ice cream: I just bought a new ice cream maker and am dying to make all kinds of new stuff with it.
  • Herbs
  • Pickles: how to make and use them
  • Jams: Beyond toast
What are your ideas?


  1. Honestly, all of those theme ideas sound good, but I'm OK with random, too.

    How about fermenting, beyond pickles?

  2. Fermenting, eh? I've wanted to make my own hard cider for a long time. Maybe a fall post about that.

    I'll have to do some reseach about what to ferment and how - besides cucumbers, of course - and then what to do with it.