Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's a Gouda thing

For yesterday's post I roasted the chicken and saved all the leftover bits, for my next trick is to make a chicken salad sandwich with Gouda.  I remembered seeing an Ina Garten show once with a similar recipe, so I pretty much winged this one from memory.

Here's about a cup of chicken meat.  It's amazing how much meat there is on a roasted chicken, so don't throw it out after you've carved off the main bits.  Yumminess awaits.

I had about a cup of leftover chicken bits, which I mixed with diced celery and shredded Granny Smith apple.

Mix in some mayo, a titch of dijon mustard, maybe some Wostershire sauce, and some chopped pecans.  This recipe really made me wish that we didn't use crappy lowfat mayo.

I had this fabulous goat cheese Gouda tucked away in the fridge. 
"You had me at chevre."

I love chevre cheese.

There was a teensy bit left over after making 2 sandwiches.  The next day I made open-faced sandwiches on English muffins and melted the Gouda.  Yummmmm.

Tomorrow: what to do with that chicken carcass that's in the fridge.

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