Tuesday, July 20, 2010





And thyme.

We got a dog! 

Her name is Rosemary and she's a 4-year-old spayed champion Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Her owner & breeder decided not to breed Rosemary so was looking for a home for her.  G-man and I have always wanted a corgi and now that I'm no longer commuting it's possible to have a dog.  He's taking her to work with him and on days she stays at home, I'll be able to run home at lunch to check on her.

The next thing we'll be working on is to make sure she doesn't kill a chicken.  We're keeping them well separated while she adjusts to being in a new home.

The cats hate her.  And us.

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  1. Oh my gosh she is soooo cute! Congrats!!!! If for any reason you need to rehome her give me a shout. I had a Pembroke before named Belle, and she was a bit of a terror but I loved her. She would get into my purse and chew my lipsticks closed (now I don't even wear lipstick so problem solved!).