Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crazed and infused

A few weeks ago I was at the farmers market and found something I'd never thought about before: rosemary honey.  It was so herb-y and yummy that I've been dreaming of it ever since.  It would be divine in a vinaigrette, or in tea, or... or...

OK, I need to expand my "cooking with honey" repetoire.

Anyway at $13 for a bottle, I decided to turn to google and see how hard it would be to make my own.  As you may remember, I have a little bit of honey.

Holy moly, it's easy.  As G-man would say, it's "stupid easy".

Here's what you do.  You put some honey in a jar and add your herb of choice.  Then you put it in a window sill where it can heat a little in the sunlight each day. 

I also made a vanilla honey.  The vanilla bean reminded me of a stick man in a hot tub.

Having half of a stick man bathing on my window sill seems kind of lewd.

Taste the honey in a couple of weeks to see if the flavor has developed enough.  I've had these honey pots on my window sill for about a week now and haven't tasted either.  I suspect that the flavors are still pretty mild so I'm going to leave them alone for a while longer.

A note of caution: do NOT turn the jar upside down to get better sunlight, no matter how tightly you think the lid is on.  Learn ye from my own dribbling, sticky stupidity.
By the way, I also bought some vanilla beans on ebay recently.  They cost about $17 shipped whereas 2 beans in a glass jar at my local grocery store will put you back $11.  You're looking at about 50 beans.

Note to self: beware obsessive-compulsive personality traits that clearly come from my father (if you knew him you'd know what I mean).

Oh, and expand vanilla recipe repetoire.


  1. Holy vanilla bean batman! That's a fantastic deal. I also love the idea of infused honey, I'm somewhat windowsill deficient, at least where it comes to having actual sunlight, but I'll give this a try anyways. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Split a bean or two and just stick 'em in with regular granulated sugar and leave it alone for a week or moooorrrreeee= vanilla sugar. I make it all the time with leftover (cleaned) pods when I make creme anglais and/or pastry cream. YUM YUM!

  3. Holy awesome!! Thanks for these fabulous tips! Off to eBay now....

  4. Thank you for enabling this vanilla-lover! I guess you can find just about anything on eBay these days.... oh no!

  5. That vanilla honey sounds heavenly! Must give it a try. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the absolute best :) Thanks for sharing.