Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dressed to Grill

A few years ago I was in Metropolitan Market - it might have still been Queen Anne Thriftway at the time - when I happened upon a book signing.

A cookbook signing.

I bought it and made a few things from it, including a spice rub.

And then it languished on my bookshelf for the next 8 years.  It moved from my townhouse to my house, where sat neglected and forgotten because I'd discovered other sources for recipes.

A couple of weeks ago this little cookbook came back into my life.  My neighbors' freezer had thawed - their kids had left it open during an Otter Pop dash between video games - and they brought us some deer steaks, imploring us to eat them.  I remembered the ancient tub of spice rub in the back of a drawer, pulled it out, and sprinkled it all over the venison.  We took it back to them later than day for a BBQ.

They oohed, aahed, and exclaimed at the deliciousness of the rub.  Reaching back into my memory, I recalled where I'd gotten the recipe - you guessed it: it came from "Dressed to Grill".

So I dusted off the book and have been making some of its recipes again. 

The first thing I made was the spice rub and took a fresh batch next door.  I'll post the recipe for you tomorrow.

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