Monday, August 2, 2010


Would the real parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme please stand up?

I cheated last week.  I used stock photos.  I hang my head in shame and confess my sins to you now.  The above pics are mine.  Really.

I'm so sorry.

Moving on.

I'm trying to expand my herb vocabulary, by which I mean planting herbs beyond the ones shown above.  I recently bought a stevia plant, a natural sweetener, and a savory plant, a key ingredient in herbes de provence.

Unfortunately it's been too hot to transplant so they, along with a few lemon cucumber plants, are languishing in the shade of my lilac until either the temps cool a bit or we get some rain.  I have a feeling it's going to be a while.

Last summer a friend gave me several bunches of fresh herbs, which I dried hanging from a hook in the kitchen.  I'm ashamed to admit that there are still lavendar bits on the lamp shade.  Maybe I should dust one of these days.

Nah.  It'll only get schmutz on it next time, right?

Drying your own herbs is so cheap.  I love that because I'm on the frugal side.  Why buy it if you can make it yourself?  Tie it up tightly with some twine, hang it up, and then crush it into jars when it's crinkly.  Easy peasy.  I'll collect some and hang it pretty soon.

Next up is heading to my grandma's house for some mint.  I'm going to dig some up and put in a pot on my back porch.  G-man loves mint tea in the winter and it's silly to let all that mint go to waste.  I'll also cut a whole bunch down to dry.

My yard also has:
  • marjoram - new to my garden this year
  • dill - I hope it will ripen next month when it's time for pickles
  • chives - plan to snip it & freeze it
  • lavendar - I dried lots last summer, so won't do any this year
  • parsley & cilantro that have both bolted... darn
  • basil - whomever said to plant basil under tomatoes ignored the fact that tomatoes get bushy and basil needs sun... liar liar pants on fire!
  • oregano - this stuff's like mint: once you have it, it'll sprout out of any crack or crevice it can find in the yard
Once I get my herbs put up for the winter, I'll figure out how to use them!

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